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2007-01-15 — Along with the best wishes for the new Year we send you our latest release of EL4NET. We're glad to finally announce version 0.8.4 of the framework. The EL4NET is now released in a stable version. Newly available is also the Configuration Assistant, wich we consider still in beta state. Please see the release notes for detailed information about changes.

2006-12-20 — Our new Webpage is up! We find the layout much more concise and think it eases finding the information you need. New to the page is the data sheet in pdf format (see under documentation), the actual release notes, and links to the issue tracking facilities.

2006-06-26 — We released version 0.8.3 of EL4NET today. With this release we add the dependency injection for components, support for callbacks, support for config validation attributes, a common logging abstraction. The User Manual has been revised. We fix new build system issues. Have a look at the sources or binaries on our download page!

2006-03-01 — We are currently evaluating the Enterprise Library. The goal of this phase is to know how EL4NET and Enterprise Libary should work together. For more, please see the Open Discussion Forum.

2006-01-23 — We released version 0.8.2 of EL4NET today. With this release we fixed build system and versionning-issues in the source release. It also includes some advancements of the configuration checks.

2006-01-16 — We are glad to announce today's release of EL4NET version 0.8.1. Please give your feedback by mail or via the forum - we're eager for your opinion!

2005-12-23 — A merry Christmas and all the best wishes for the coming new year to everyone! The EL4NET team will be mostly unavailable until January 3rd. Stay tuned for new updates next year!

2005-12-01 — EL4NET 0.8 alpha was released this morning as binary and source release. Alongside with it, the documentation for this version was also published.

2005-11-29 — The Website is up. We are now working on bringing to you the first version of EL4NET. Stay tuned!